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SENS4ICE information preserved via CORDIS and DOI

SENS4ICE fact sheet on CORDIS.
SENS4ICE fact sheet on CORDIS.

Did you know? In addition to the 5+ years established information-rich website at the European Commission provides a standardised CORDIS website for the SENS4ICE project.

This includes key facts, reporting and results including the four final public technical deliverable reports:

  • Sensor evaluation results and final roadmaps for future technology development and exploitation
  • Final report on hybrid ice detection development
  • Final report on airborne demonstration and atmospheric characterisation
  • Final report on evaluation of technologies developed in SENS4ICE and technical project results

As SENS4ICE flight demonstration data analysis is further ongoing also after the SENS4ICE project end, several conference/journal publications are upcoming. For latest news please follow SENS4ICE via LinkedIn and the project website.

CORDIS is the Community Research and Development Information Service – it is the European Commission's primary public repository and portal to disseminate information on all European Union funded research projects and their results in the broadest sense. 

You can access the profile of SENS4ICE on CORDIS via the direct link or via the dedicated DOI number.