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SENS4ICE technical tour

icing detection technologies; Appendix O; Supercooled Large Droplet; flight test campaign; icing characterisation; weather hazards; passenger safety; means of compliance; icing certification;
MUSIC-haic consortium and SENS4ICE coordinator during a technical visit at the DLR site Braunschweig

At the occasion of a MUSIC-haic project meeting at the Technical University of Braunschweig, the MUSIC-haic group was invited to visit the Braunschweig site of the SENS4ICE coordinator DLR. Both sites are co-located at the Research Airport Braunschweig.

The group visited DLR's Air Vehicle Simulator (AVES), comprising a technical discussion on detection of aircraft icing. Furthermore, the possibilities for cooperation between the two ongoing EU icing research projects were discussed.