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1st Project Symposium organised on 22nd of October 2020

The 1st SENS4ICE Project Symposium leaflet and agenda.
The 1st SENS4ICE Project Symposium leaflet and agenda.

The SENS4ICE consortium is happy to announce the organisation of its 1st Symposium which will take place as a virtual event on Thursday, 22nd of October 2020, from 15:00 to 19:15 (Paris time).

The aim of the 1st Project Symposium will be to demonstrate SENS4ICE approach and methodology to intelligently cope with the complex problem of ice detection.

The format of the 1st Symposium of the SENS4ICE Project will be a special session of the SAE AC-9C Aircraft Icing Technology Committee Meeting, which is scheduled between 19th and 23rd October 2020. The SEA AC-9C meeting is an international event which regularly gathers OEMs, suppliers, aircraft anti-icing systems companies, consulting firms, universities, government and others across the aerospace and defense industries. The joint organisation of the Symposium will attract a large international audience and increase opportunities for discussions among participants.

Within the Symposium, SENS4ICE partners will give 9 presentations on the development and related achievements of key project technologies, processes and infrastructures, followed by one discussion session about standardization and comparability of icing wind tunnels for Appendix O conditions.

Download the full Symposium programme here.

The Symposium is an open meeting that anyone can attend. There are no registration fees. To connect, participants will need to open the WebEx link which will soon be available on SENS4ICE website and LinkedIn page.

For more information, you can contact the SENS4ICE Coordination team at or visit the SAE website.

The SENS4ICE consortium is looking forward to meeting you!