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SENS4ICE flight campaign technology evaluation initial results at German Aerospace Conference (DLRK 2023) special session

SENS4ICE representatives at DLRK 2023. Copyright © DLR.
SENS4ICE representatives at DLRK 2023. Copyright © DLR.

A full session was devoted to initial technology evaluation flight campaign results for the SENS4ICE project at the German Aerospace Conference (DLRK 2023) held in Stuttgart, Germany, on 19-21 September 2023.

The project coordinator Carsten Schwarz (DLR) provided a project overview highlighting the recent flight campaign activities and results. The core topic of indirect ice detection as part of hybrid ice detection was presented by Christoph Deiler (DLR). Johannes Lucke (DLR) detailed the meteorological conditions and microphysical properties that lead to aircraft icing as observed during the SENS4ICE campaigns. One of the SENS4ICE direct ice detection technologies was described by Martin Pohl (DLR): LILD – Local Ice Layer Detector.

The aerospace community and stakeholders were well represented in the audience and the SENS4ICE results were well perceived. It became clear that the SENS4ICE project opens the path towards safer aviation in icing conditions.

The final project results will be presented publicly at the final dissemination event on 29 November 2023 in Brussels - registration is required and already open without any registration fee!


SENS4ICE representatives presenting the project results during the dedicated session at DLRK 2023. Copyright © DLR.